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10th Street Community Visioning and Walk Tour

Long Beach, CA - February 27th, 2016

On Saturday, February 27, 2016, a few mothers and daughters from the KMDILT group were participating in the 10th Street Vision Plan meeting at the Craftsman Village Park at 851 Orange Avenue and 8th street.  The meeting was organized by the office of Vice Mayor Suja Lowenthal, 2nd District.  A few years back, I participated in many meetings that her office put on for the 4th Street Vision Plan and 7th Street Vision Plan.  While sitting and listening to the plans to renovate and upgrade 4th and 7th street, I kept thinking that her office will one day do something to renovate 10th street, too. 

That thinking came to a reality when I was invited by Mary Simmons of the AOC7 Association, a neighborhood group for residents of the area bordered by Anaheim, Orange, Cherry and 7th Street. The meeting was from 10am-noon. Vice Mayor Suja Lowenthal set aside $100,000 for 10th street improvements. I had a chance to thank Vice Mayor Lowenthal and Heather Blackmun, her chief of Staff, for her vision to improve 10th Street. The office of Councilman Dee Andrews of the 6th District will provide support funding of $10,000. It is very interesting that 10th Street from Redondo Avenue to Alamitos is part of 4 council districts: 1st District, 2nd District, 4th District and 6th District.

Participants were divided into 3 groups to walk along 10th street and stop at different points to identify potential enhancement areas.  We filled out a walk audit form and discussed our ideas and findings with the group.  Our KMDILT group walked with Amber Hawkes, a member of the consultant team and Victoria Chung from the Office of Councilwoman Lena Gonzalez, 1st District, and some residents.  Our group worked well with each other to identify potential areas that need changes and enhancements.  We jotted down what we felt needed to be changed, and turned the notes in to Ms. Hawkes at noon.

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