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2017 Scholarship & Graduation

Co-MC: Charles Song and Christina Lee, MD

Chaplin Jana Milhon-Martin of St. Mary Medical Center welcomes the dignitaries and guests.

L-R: Sochanvimean Vannavuth, PhD in ClinicalPsychology, Leakhen Heng Tappero, PhD in Counseling Psychology, Suely Ngouy Sara, EdD. in Education, Organizational Leadership. Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Sciences: Alan Muy, Computer Sciences Engineer, Veasna Danou, Chemical Engineer, Victor Chhay, English Major, Milton Duena, Political Sciences and Kareem Kaissi in Economics Major.

Dr. Renae Bryant, E.D., Office of Language Acquisition, WSD, makes the closing remarks.

Charles Song Co-MC, Dr. Natalie Tran, ED of NRCAL, Jamison Powers, Esq, WSD Board Member, Chan Hopson, ED of KPA and Dr. Renae Bryant.

David Kem. KPA Vice-Chair, Chan Hopson, ED of KPA, HS Grad. Angela Ayala, Door prize winner, Ms. Saraon La Tour, Author of Vantha Wishper and Sandy VandenBerge, Director of Planned Giving, Torrance Memorial.

Belinda Theam, Esq., Chan Hopson, Leakhena Heng Tappero, PhD, and her husband Joe.

Ms. Sylvia Womack, Career Counselor, SMG Andre Wright, ROTC, from Polytechnic High School.

Satinder Hawkins, PhD., Matthew Vann, Mary Massich, teachers from Millikan High School.

Thanks to local donors for their ongoing support. Without their generous contributions, the class of 2017 Southeast Asian Scholarship Award and Graduation Celebration would not be possible.

Scholarship Recipient Leadership Development Training at Sophy's Restaurant, 6/17/2017

Pictures are the courtesy of Joe Tappero, Chanthi Yi, Sinara Sagn, Mark Hopson and Charles Song.

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