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4th Annual Recipients Christmas Reunion

Sophy's Restaurant, December 20th, 2015

On Sunday, December 20th, KPA hosted its 4th Annual Recipients Christmas Reunion at Sophy's Restaurant in Long Beach, CA. It was a joyous occasion as past and present KPA scholarship recipients all gathered to celebrate the holiday season.

Past recipients Moria Khou and Thida Kol had the opportunity to present and share their powerful stories about how they overcame challenges, which led them to where they are today.  Their stories of success and triumph motivated many whom attended, and reminded each of us to never give up and always have the determination succeed; no matter what obstacles we face in life. 

On behalf of KPA, we hope this new year brings optimum health, peace, happiness, prosperity, and most of all live your life to the fullest with your loved ones.  Thank you to all and we look forward to seeing everyone at next years reunion!

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