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5th Annual

Mother & Daughter Conference

I am with profound honor to Co-MC with Attorney Belinda Theam for the KPA's 5th Annual Mother and Daughter Conference today.

A big shout out of congratulation to Madame Chan Hopson, the Executive Director of Khmer Parent Association and her Board of Directors for another excellent year of success.

Many thanks to honorable Congressman Alan Lowenthal, Honorable Assemblymember Patrick O'Donnell, and State Senator Lena Gonzalez for their continuing support to the KPA, many sponsors who made the event possible, all the volunteers for their dedication and hard works, many organizations for their participation, more importantly the community members for cominig out to support this annual event.

Great appreciation to the 5 pairs of Mother and Daughter for their participation and shared their inspiring story.

5th Annual Mother & Daughter Conference with my co-MC Pu Charles Song and KPA Founder, Om Chan Hopson. Wish my mom was here with me.

Participated in a mother and daughter event as a Panelist hosted by KPA / Khmer Parents 👍 We had a wonderful time ❤️ Thank you ming Chan Hopson for putting on a successful community event and thank you to all of the co-sponsors, host, emcees, volunteers, and fellow panelists for giving your time and love as well

Such an honor and privilege to participate in KPA’s 5th annual mother daughter event as a panelist ❤️ We shared our feelings, experiences, and vulnerabilities straight from our hearts 💕 Thank you nak Ming Chan Hopson, Khmer Parents, fellow sponsors, host, and volunteers for putting together a wonderful event! Thank you to the other mother / daughter teams for sharing as well 💕🙏 Nice job Peu Charles Song as always for being the emcee

Christina Lee Thank you for sharing your story and journey.

We at KPA are glad you and your daughter could join us as panelist

Candace Yamagawa Very inspiring Janet Keo Conklin. I had to work yesterday but my heart was at the "Mother Daughter Conference;" I was there for the first Conference and support all the efforts of Chan Hopson and the Khmer Parents Association. A shout out to Charles Song the ultimate emcee and Mark Hopson for videography and all other services.

Today so Amazing mother’s-daughter conference event so happy to meeting all Leaders State Senator Lenas Gonzales’s congressman’s Alan Lowenthal assemblyman 70 Patrick O”Donnell- Belinda Theam lovely sister Janet Keo Conklin Mata Costa brother Charles Song a lot more just detail congratulations for all beautiful panels thank you so much good luck everyone love ❤️ you all.

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