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AOC7 Neighborhood Clean-up

KPA parents & youth join AOC7 to clean-up our neighborhood

On Saturday, August 20, 2016, parents and youth from the Khmer Parent Association had a chance to participate in an AOC7 Neighborhood Association neighborhood clean-up around Gaviota Avenue and 10th Street. Brent and his family who live on Gaviota hosted the event. My mother and I had an opportunity to team with many people from other organizations to pick up trash and clean the sidewalks in that area to make our community clean. Most of the trash was plastic bags or chip bags that do not decompose, causing the 10th street area to be unhealthy and an eye sore.

Even though it was hot, it was worth the time because I was happy to see how nice the area looked after the cleaning. When our community is clean, people who live in the area will be happy and healthy. When we do not pay attention to cleaning the trash in a neighborhood, the environment becomes polluted, hazardous and harmful to the health of the people, particularly for children when they have no place to walk and play.

Today’s clean-up made a great impact on the residents and the children who live around that neighborhood because we showed them how much we care about people, the environment and the health of our neighborhoods. I am very happy that Ms. Chan Hopson, Executive Director of the Khmer Parent Association, asked us to join forces with AOC7 and others in this neighborhood clean–up. She also provided a very tasty lunch for everyone to enjoy. Brent and his wife provided ice cream for all of us and the children to enjoy. She also had some little goody bags for the children in the neighborhood to take home, too. I highly admire all the volunteers for making this neighborhood clean-up a fun event. At the end of the day, my mother and I went home with a happy feeling from doing this good deed for our community.

Thanks to AOC7 Neighborhood Association, Khmer Parent Association and all the volunteers who made this clean-up day exciting and fun. Together, we will make our neighborhoods clean and safe for everyone in the community.

Until we have another clean-up, have a great weekend,


Sophomore, UCI

Yesterday, Saturday, Aug. 20th, parents and youth from the Khmer Parents Association (KPA) participated in a neighborhood clean-up in the Gaviota Avenue and 10th street area. The clean-up was organized by the AOC7 Neighborhood Association. After my mother and I arrived, we signed in, then grabbed our bags and gloves. We started picking up trash and met other people who were also participating in the neighborhood clean-up. They were very nice and friendly, so we joined their group. A big surprise to me was the amount of cigarette butts I found in just one block. Our group also cleaned an alley. It was badly littered, but I was glad that we were able to clean it up and improve it. The amount of trash that we picked up caught me by surprise. Aside from cigarette butts, there was a fair amount of Styrofoam and other plastics. It concerns me that the trash would have ended up in the ocean and ultimately in our ecosystem. Humans might not live in the ocean, but it is a cause for concern when fish consume trash, and that trash moves through the food chain, and finally back to humans. On a positive note, the volunteers were able to enjoy a light lunch after the clean-up. As a vegetarian, I was perfectly happy with my plate of watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, and grapes provided by my mom. There were also tasty French sandwiches provided by KPA, and ice cream provided by the Brent family. Overall, the neighborhood clean-up was a very fun and enjoyable experience. I met new people, helped the environment, and enjoyed good food.


Senior, Millikan High

Pictures provided by AOC7 and KPA

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