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Cultural Conversations

North Neighborhood Library, Long Beach, 11/7/2015

On Saturday, November 7th, 2015, KPA participated in Cultural Conversations, a new six-month program hosted by the North Neigborhood Library, which focuses on highlighting different countries and cultures by bringing patrons and community organizations together to learn about traditions, food and culture.

Shiloh Moore, a Librarian at the North Neighborhood Library created this program so participants would be able to learn about one another by sharing their unique stories, while forming new friendships.

This month's focus is on Cambodia. Special guests included members from the United States Army as well as community members and local residents. Next March, a delegation of soldiers from the United States Army will be traveling to Cambodia for a joint military mission with the Cambodian government. Today’s presentation helped them get a better understanding of Cambodia’s culture, customs and etiquette before they make their journey there.

"It's great that the North Neighborhood Library provides an open space for our community to create dialogue by sharing our experiences and cultural backgrounds," says David Kem, KPA board member.

Special thanks to Shiloh Moore and the North Neighborhood Library for hosting this educational gathering, as well as our soldiers and neighborhood participants.

For those interested in attending the next session on Cambodia, November 21st from 3:00pm-4:30pm, please visit  

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