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Grand Opening of Majestic Medical Clinic

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Grand Opening of Dr. Christina Lee’s Majestic Medical Clinic

Long Beach community members and State Officials came out to support Dr. Christina Lee’s grand opening of Majestic Medical Clinic on Saturday, August 28th. Dr. Christina Lee is the first certified female physician in the Cambodian Community of Long Beach to perform the I-693 physical exam, which is a required immigration medical examination.

The grand opening began with prayers in both English and Khmer by five pastors who are close to Dr. Lee. Following the prayers, Dr. Lee spoke of how it has always been her dream to give back to the community and how excited she is to provide health care to her patients. She mentioned being an orphan and thanked God, her family and friends for supporting her endeavors.

Some of Dr. Lee’s supporters that came to the grand opening included Long Beach District 6 Councilman Dee Andrews, Assembly Member Patrick O’Donnell, 70th District, Suely Saro, on behalf of State Senator Ricardo Lara, Phong Ly on behalf of Congressman Alan Lowenthal, CA 47, and Khmer Parent Association Founder Chan-Hopson and several other community leaders.

Assembly Member Patrick O’Donnell was asked by Dr. Lee what he thinks of the title, Majestic Medical Clinic, specifically the word Majestic. “Majestic, it’s magical. It really is magical” he said.

Surely do those words ring true because the Clinic is a magical attribute to the community. It is an affordable clinic that accepts most insurance such as HMO’s and Medicare. Majestic Medical Clinic provides equal health care access for everyone in the local community.

by Kassandra Chhay

Senior at CSULB

Cultural Anthropology

I attended the grand opening of the Majestic Medical Clinic and met Dr. Christina Lee on Saturday, August 27, 2016. It was wonderful to see so many members of the Cambodian community, coming together to show their support. After kind remarks from pastors, Councilman Dee Andrew, 6th District, and Assembly Member Patrick O’Donnell, 70th District, it was time to cut the Red Ribbon to officially open the clinic.

Soon it was time for pictures and food. I was in awe after hearing her story. I admire her deeply, being the first female Cambodian doctor to run a medical clinic that serves the Cambodian community. It was truly empowering for me as a young Cambodian woman. As Asm. Patrick O’Donnell said, “There is nothing more Cambodian, and nothing more American than today.” I agree with his statement about this grand opening. Earlier this summer I had a great opportunity to intern in Asm. O’Donnell’s Long Beach District office. I learned a lot from him and all his friendly staff who took me under their wings. I was extremely happy to see him and Allison Gallagher at the inspiring and fun grand opening of the Majestic Medical Clinic.



Millikan High

On Saturday, August 27, 2016, Dr. Christina Lee held the Grand Opening of her medical clinic. I was very happy to attend along with Ms. Chan Hopson with other parents and youth from KPA and other members of the community. The medical clinic is called Majestic Medical Clinic located at 817 Atlantic Ave. It was a wonderful event where I met many Cambodian ladies dressed in beautiful, traditional outfits. Dr. Christina Lee herself looked so gorgeous in a royal blue Khmer outfit. There were many important people at the event such as elected officials, preachers, entrepreneurs, community leaders and other medical doctors who came to support her. We enjoyed tasty Khmer food for lunch such as egg rolls, potato/coconut cakes, coconut jelly and beef sticks with salad.

My favorite part of the event was getting to know Dr. Lee who is a very intelligent and good hearted lady. She greeted everyone with her smile like they were her family. She works hard to keep everybody in the community healthy. She is a humble person who gets along well with teenagers. She gives them good advice by sharing stories of her obstacles that she overcame when she was young. Her story encouraged me to work hard to achieve my goal to become a pediatrician. She is a role model to me, and I really hope to work with her in the future. This event taught me that people who achieved a lot are very determined and hard working. This will be a good lesson for me to learn how to reach my goal.

Sreyroth Loa

Sophomore UCI

Biology Major

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