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Port of Long Beach Boat Tour

On Saturday, October 17th, 2015, about 120 parents and children participated in a Boat Tour sponsored by the Port of Long Beach (POLB). Even though most participants have lived in the city of Long Beach for 35 years, the majority had never had the opportunity to learn about the Port.
Saturday's Boat Tour was a first for many participants to enjoy the ocean view and learn about the ports functions and resources offered. Many were very happy to live in a city with a beautiful ocean, and learn about how cargoes are transported to and from various seaports, as well as learning how the port has a Green Port policy that aims to protect and reduce the negative impacts of Port operations. 
The Boat Captain was so gracious to take participants closer to the famous Breakwater, which is a major dam that keeps the tidal waves from hitting the city of Long Beach. The water was calm and the weather was cool and favorable. It was a very nice Boat Tour with a beautiful scenery overlooking the Long Beach coast. The participants are very grateful to the POLB for the sponsorship and the Khmer Parent Association for organizing the tour.
"KPA hopes to continue building our good relationship with the Port of Long Beach and provide educational tours for our community," said Chan Hopson, KPA Executive Director.
Special thanks to Sam Keo for translating and Matt and Gaby`s narration of the Port functions. 
For more information about the Port of Long Beach, please visit:
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