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School Board Candidate Forum 

Long Beach - April 2nd, 2016

The School Board Candidate Forum helped the Long Beach community better understand the platforms of each candidate running for the school board. With such a large group of people in attendance, a broad range of topics were addressed during the Q&A session. Some of the main topics included how each candidate would improve safety on school campuses, restorative justice, and the implementation of Khmer-English Immersion classes. Of these topics, the issue concerning Khmer Immersion Classes for students raised many heads. Each candidate supported the idea of having such classes for the Cambodian students as well as other students who wish to become bilingual and/or bilateral in Khmer.  Dr. Felton Williams, in particular, mentioned that it would be perfect to have Khmer immersion classes alongside the current Spanish programs for students in the Long Beach Unified School District. However, in order to make it happen, students, parents, and teachers must first voice their concerns to school officials. The questions posed were submitted by the audience.

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